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Monday, July 16, 2012

Why I Love The Egg…And Why You Should Too!

Yes. You heard me. I love the egg. And I know what you are going to say. “Ryan, eggs are unhealthy and will raise your cholesterol, right?"

To which I would reply, “I don’t mean to embarrass you, but that way of thinking is ‘old school’ (and not the cool kind of ‘old school’…but the lame kind).”

Sure, eggs were once thought of as unhealthy and dangerous for your cholesterol, hence all of the “egg white” products that have saturated the market.

But nutritionists and doctors alike have changed their tune on the protein packed chicken dropping. And what if I told you that even Mother Teresa endorsed the egg – would you trust her? Well, fine. Obviously I don’t have Mother Teresa on record endorsing the egg. But I have the modern equivalent…Dr. Oz! Yes! Dr. Oz loves the egg, too! And he was on Oprah!

Here’s what he has to say on his website about the egg:

     “Eggs are protein powerhouses that provide 13% of your daily protein and only 4% of your daily calories. These excellent, inexpensive protein sources fight frailty. Rich in choline, they also reduce inflammation in the brain, which has been linked to Alzheimer’s. Cook up a week’s worth in advance and take them with you on the go. If you’re not a fan of hard-boiled eggs, eat one a day scrambled, poached or any other way you like it.”

(Notice he said “inexpensive!” Woot woot!)

Living in Minnesota, it’s easy to find farm fresh eggs from free-range (and humanely raised chickens). I even used to visit the chickens that gave me their eggs…you know, just to thank them and give them pep talks (it greases the wheels). I would encourage you to do the same. Eggs from free-range chicks are much healthier for you and allow you to sleep soundly at night because you know those chicks are being treated right.

I eat mine scrambled each morning. I toss some chopped oregano leaves into a skillet on medium heat along with some diced bell peppers (the red ones have more Vitamin C than the green ones…but any color tastes great!). Once the eggs are good and cooked (remember, too, that like meat, eggs continue to cook even when removed from the heat source, so don’t overdo it), I toss them into a bowl with salsa, and skip cheese by adding an avocado (read my avocado smoothie post to see why I’m a fan of the avo).

So give the egg a second chance. (And don’t be afraid to eat the egg for meals other than breakfast by adding them to sandwiches, salads, soups, or even tacos!). You won’t regret it!

(Dr. Oz in no way endorses anything else written on this blog. But that’s only because he has not heard of it yet. If he had…he’d be all over it!)

How do you like your eggs? Tell us in the comments below.


  1. On a veggie burger. Like a boss.

    1. Why the frick does it say I'm anonymous? This is Jacinda, not another random stalker. Don't know why it removed my name. Thanksabunch.

    2. Like a boss indeed. That's how we would have them in Venezuela.

      And quit stalking me, Jacinda. If you want to creep around on my blog, I won't judge you. Knock yourself out.

      (good to hear from you!)

  2. I eat eggs everyday too! With avacado is a bonus :)
    Fav: one hard boiled egg, half avacado, 2 tbsp whipped cream cheese or mayo
    Mash together
    salt to taste
    Eat with plain pita crackers, melba toast, wasa bread, etc.