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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thank You, Flight Attendant Friend for Your Delectable Green Tea!

A couple of years ago I flew on a China Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Taipei. It was a long flight, so after a few mediocre airplane movies (this was pre-TV-in-the-back-of-the-seat-in-front-of-you, so I had to watch a miniature TV set that hung in the corner just about the restroom) I decided to catch some shut-eye. I found an entire 5-seat row to stretch out in and built my nest. A few pillows and one blanket later, and I began to drift off.
That is, until I met her.
My eyes had just closed when she abruptly shook me back awake with the words, “Would you like some tea?” This must be a dream, I insisted to myself. This can’t possibly be a flight attendant walking down the aisles with a pot of hot green tea, coming to shake me awake and ask me if I would like some. Not possible. Not as I have quite obviously cocooned myself in a blanket looking to cash out for the night.
But as I cracked open one of my eyelids…I saw her smiling face and pot of tea. What could I do?
“Sure,” I replied, masking my frustration. And I took her shot-glass-sized cup of green elixir. (At least they could have offered me the adult size.)  I quickly drank it down and crawled back into my den.
What happened next, I can’t really explain, except to say that my Green Tea friend returned five more times that night to interrupt my slumber. It was as if I had an illness, and her teapot held the remedy, and she would not let me rest until she cured me.
But after cup number two…I didn’t really mind her interruptions. In fact, with every footstep I heard that night passing my row, I anxiously crawled out from my dizzying coma to see if it was her. She had me hooked.
And nine years later, I have not stopped drinking green tea. I wish I could thank my flight attendant friend. Thank her for getting me addicted to one of the most healthy libations known to humans.  
The health benefits of green tea are well documented. Scientists have discovered that green tea comes charged with antioxidants called catechins which can repair your ailing immune system and help in the prevention of certain cancers (grapes, berries, red wine and dark chocolate also contain such powerful antioxidants). Scientists have also recently suggested that green tea helps stave off dementia, and fights bad breath. Who doesn’t love that? I’ll take more years of cognitive clarity and some fresh breath, please!
Plus, drinking a glass of (any) warm liquid tricks the stomach into thinking it’s full – so try a glass at your next snack time or the next time you think you are hungry but don’t necessarily need to eat.
So brew up some green tea for your health! You can add honey or some raw cane sugar to make it sweeter, or you can do like my Grandma does and add some cinnamon (Nice work, Grandma. Nice work.). You could even add some green tea brew to any smoothie if you like!
Here’s to you, Green Tea Flight Attendant! We salute you.

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