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Friday, September 7, 2012

Why Do Veggies Taste So Bad!?

"Why!? Why are they so bad!?"
Let's face it, steamed veggies taste a bit like warmed-up construction paper. Not quite the worst thing you've ever tasted...but it's nothing to post about ton Facebook. Most of us just slap some steamed (or microwaved) veggies on our dinner plates and call it good...because it is good for our bodies. But then we try to subdue our pent up, volcanic frustration at how not good it actually tastes. Which may inevitably lead lashing out at small children or animals. And no one wants that.

I have four kids. So much of what I strive for is the quickest, most stress-free, and least expensive way to do something...for obvious reasons (or less obvious if you don't have kids). My life is already filled with chaos and my wallet already leaks like a hose in the suburbs left on all night. So cheap and easy is often best. I don't have a ton of time or money to throw at veggies to make them taste a whole lot better. But neither I nor my kids enjoy them as they are...and we can't take it anymore! Well a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled onto a solution that is quick, easy, cheap, and kid friendly (and that I also like it)!

Drumroll please... When making veggies, add some tomato or spaghetti/pasta sauce and a bit of shredded cheese. The tomato sauce adds a burst of flavor that should alleviate your volcanic anger at bland veggies. Plus, tomato and spaghetti sauces are made mostly of tomatoes and tomato puree. So in most cases it adds to the nutrion value as well. Remember: tomatoes contain lycopene and other vitamins that does your body good. Just be sure to read the label on whichever sauce you choose (a future post to come on reading labels). Note especially the sugar and sodium contents and make sure they aren't too high. Or, if you don't have four kids...make your own tomato sauce with fresh ingredients!

No Franken-Cheese!
The cheese also adds to the taste and makes the veggies appear more familiar to kids. Just be sure not to use too much (think of it as a garnish or condiment...not the main course), and to use real cheese...not processed "Franken-Cheese." Remember: real cheese hardens after being warmed and then cooling off. There is no such thing as real "nacho cheese" that stays gooey forever. These "nacho" cheeses are filled with enzymes and other un-natural ingredients to keep them gooey. Steer clear.

Let me know how it goes if you try it! And until you do try us all a favor and stay away from small children and animals.

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